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Tour Operator: Fado in Chiado 50 minutes Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Lisboa (Lisbon)

Fado no Chiado

*Fado in Chiado - Watch the traditional live show and discover the soul of Lisbon.

Two voices, accompanied by guitar and viola and images from all over the city.



50 minutes


Fado is part of the Portuguese soul.
It was born in taverns in the 19th century and is a symbol of Portuguese culture


The show “Fado in Chiado” stems from a cultural gap existing in one of the most important and popular tourist destinations, and in one of the most visited European capitals, such as Lisbon.

With ten years of existence, “Fado in Chiado”, or in the digital medium “Fado in Lisbon”, was a pioneer in presenting, live, daily, in the late afternoon, a traditional Fado show, accompanied by guitar and viola, with two voices, one female and the other male.

We can say with conviction that Fado has a national dimension, but it is no less true to say that Lisbon has a special connection with this way of communicating.

Fado is inseparable from the Portuguese guitar, the fado viola, the poems and the voices. It is in this mix, it is in this encounter, it is in this dependence, that art happens and fado lives.


  • Live show
  • Male and female voices accompanied by Portuguese guitar and fado viola
  • In the center of Lisbon (Chiado)
  • Best price guarantee
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    Rua da Misericordia 14 - 2nd floor, Lisbon, 1249-038, Extremadura
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