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Knights templar private tour

    Tour Operator: Heart & Soul Tours     8 hours     Travel method: Mini Bus / Car     Region: Lisbon & Tagus Valley (Lisbon)

Spend a day in the Portuguese villages of Constância and Tomar to discover the history of the Knights Templar, their secrets, ritual of initiation, and influence in the formation of Portugal. Your journey will begin in Lisbon.
Tomar was the Templar capital of Portugal and Spain and one of the most important in the medieval world. The main monument of the city is the Tomar Convent which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, we will take you to visiti the church of Santa Maria do Olival, where the Grand masters of the order were once buried, and where you can see Knights templar crosses and more.

A short distance from Tomar is the Almourol Castle. This emblematic monument was at one time controlled by the Knights Templar, and because it is situated in an island, it was never conquered or even atttacked. You will get the chance to take a boat ride to visit the site. The Almourol Castle and the city of Tomar are perfect examples to understand the mystique of the Templars, men that were simultaneously Warrior Knights and monks that lived under a rigid military discipline, but at the same time with a great rigor in the spiritual life.

After a full day of history, we will take you back to your hotel/adress. 

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