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Tour Operator: Miguel Boim, O Caminheiro de Sintra 3h 35m Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Lisbon & Tagus Valley (Sintra)

Sintra, Apparitions and Stories From the Mountains - Private Night Walk

+ Be amazed by the unusual stories from Sintra's History through the words of its foremost researcher and storyteller
+ Admire the night landscapes from Sintra Mountains
+ Discover why Sintra Mountains have a unique mysticism nowadays, as well as in the past
+ Feel Sintra in the silence of the night
+ Be accompanied by the sensibility, the eyes and the words of Miguel Boim, writer and Historian, author of "Sintra Lendária" (on its 2nd edition) - lectures and speeches on Sintra's history to more than 12K people (as to 2018 data)
+ You may feel at will to ask any question you may have related to Sintra's History and Heritage.

Best price guarantee
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14 Minimum age: 14 years
What is included

Stopping at specific points, where you'll hear unusual tales and facts from Sintra's History

You'll be provided with a safety vest so you can be safe and visible when on the road
Meeting point
Meeting Point for "Sintra, Apparitions and Stories From the Mountains": Terreiro da Rainha Dona Amélia, Sintra 2710-616, Lisboa, PT
Important information

You will need comfortable footwear (the same you would use to stroll around in a touristic place for a whole afternoon) and clothes that can be suitable for cold but that you can easily remove if you feel hot.

Each element of your group must have their ID with them.

Make sure everyone in your group has their bottle of water.

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Best price guarantee